ISSMGE Time Capsule 2022

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ISSMGE Time Capsule Project (TCP)


The Time Capsule Project (TCP) has the following aims:

a. To bring through some of the collective experience of their member societies and technical committees in an accessible way for broader geotechnical community, and enable positive and ulifting conversations across the individual membership, in a challenging time for all of us.

b. To assist the current and future generation of geotechnical engineers with a road map that helps them access the past, present and future in geotechnical engineering, globally, and stir their collective curiosity.

c. To provide a platform for the up-and-coming cohort of gentechnical engineers to stand for, and to tell the story of their member society/technical committee, adn in this way take on the leadership of addressing the challenges of the communities of the future.


A key focus of the TCP is the "process" by which there is connection and interaction with the individual members about the work of the contributors, an outcome of wich is the "product" that is offered to the TCP for storage and display.

Time Capsule - Past, Present & Future

Key focus - Process & Product


To connect and interact with individual members of the ISSMGE about the work of the ISSMGE - past, present and future


To display and securely store material arising from these activities

"The product is whatever comes out of the process and all such products will find their way into the Time Capsule"

Time capsule offerings (Product) may include

- Major developments
- Area(s) of contribution
- Outcomes and applications
- Key individuals involved
- Exemplar projects
- New avenues to explore

Highlighting the development of geotechnical engineering & the history of each society

(Progressive) Launch of the Time Capsule

Promotion of Member societies' work will commerce from Nov 2021

Formal presentation of the Time Capsule, and promotion of Member Societies' contributions will take place at the 20th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 1-6 May 2022, Sydney, Australia.

Participation of the SMIG

Dr. Leonardo Zeevaert Wiechers